9 Useful Websites To Learn A New Language For Free

I have been self learning French for about 6 months now, and found some amazing websites to teach myself for FREE.
In this post, I’ve compiled 9  Useful Websites that can help you  kick off your language learning study routine.

  • Duolingo.

    This is by far the best Free Language Learning Website i have come across especially for beginners. Duolingo is an interactive and fun way of learning the languages where you unlock levels and win badges by learning new words and grammar. You also have the option of competing against friends, getting involved in discussions and immersing yourself by reading, editing and translating articles all over the internet on various topics.

  • Memrise.

    Memrise is built around interactive online flashcards and is perfect for memorizing vocabulary or certain grammar rules. You can make your own flashcards or use the ones which are uploaded by others. It also helps you keep daily language goals and has a specific algorithm that refreshes your memory with all the words you have learnt.
    I used this tool as a beginner, while learning French and found it very helpful and entertaining.

  • Youtube.

    There are various Youtube Channels teaching you the basics, grammar, pronunciation and extensive advanced levels about any given language. Besides, you can use this website for searching Native Youtubers, Movies, Tv Shows, Trailers, Music and News in the language you are learning. It’s a great way for informal learning  while entertaining yourself in the process. I often watch English videos with French Subtitles even though i am not actively paying attention to it. It’s always in the background or front of my eyes which helps me immerse in the language completely.
    Youtube also has this amazing feature of reducing the speed of the video, which helped me a lot with my listening skills.

  • italki.

    Italki is not entirely free, since you have to hire a teacher if you want to learn it professionally. However, you can search native speakers who want to learn a lot of various languages too. Start talking and help each other out. It’s a great way to interact with people and get to know their culture. It also gives a informal and realistic approach that helps while learning a language.

  • Google Translate.

    This is good to write your own sentences and know exact translations for it. It often gives a definition with example sentences and lists down a few synonyms for any single word you enter.
    This will  not only help you to build your vocabulary faster but also helps you practice  your pronunciations by using the audio feature.
    I often also use this, while i am doing my writing exercise, which helps me form  a better sentence by using different words or when i am talking to a native speaker on italki.
    Google Translate helps you save the phrases you type in along with the translation and audio, so you can refer to it and revise your own custom vocabulary list. You can further export it to your Google Sheets and access it offline.

  • Forvo.

    This is  an amazing site to practice your pronunciations.  You can type in any word and hear it pronounced by a native speaker.It also suggests a few phrases along with the audio. I use Forvo to practice words i find difficult pronouncing or want to listen to a native speaker say it.

  • Word Reference.

    Word Reference has an inbuilt vocab list that can be translated in various languages. It also has a Language Forum that helps you discuss and share various links and resources. The dictionary is pretty helpful as it provides examples and translation in context.

  • ThoughtCo.

    This is a great website to immerse yourself into the language in a very informal way. You can read fun articles based on various themes related to the language you are learning. Fun facts about the language you’re learning, meaning of idioms and list of good movies or songs famous and well trending in the country. Besides ThoughtCo also includes articles about vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.

  • Reverso.

    Reverso is a free service that includes linguistic tools like Translation, Dictionary, Spellchecker, Conjugation and Grammar. I mainly use it for practising my Grammar and Conjugations however it also has an extensive dictionary and lists down examples and translations of words used in context.

    What language are you learning? Did you find any of these websites helpful. Let me know in the comment section below 🙂 
    All the best for your language learning adventures !

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