TV Series: Stranger Things S02 | Review

Like everyone else, I too have binge- watched the season 2 of Stranger Things. Sorry, Not Sorry.
I can finally continue with my life now.

Although, I am starting to realize that none of my conversations NOT include Stranger Things and how much i have fallen in love with everything strange. Ha!

So well, let’s just start with all my thoughts and rambles now…

* Spoiler Alert*

Things I really loved:

  1.  I absolutely adored all the characters and especially how we get into the backstory of Eleven.  And sorry for the spoiler already which wasn’t much of a surprise but Eleven is back in this one 😀
  2. Speaking of which, i also liked the new characters introduced.. Especially Billy for his looks 😛 and Bob .. He seemed really sweet and OMG i almost cried when i seen him die..  🙁
    Billy's Mullet Is the Biggest Breakout Star of Stranger Things Season 2
  3. It did live up to the whole spookiness and strange things that i was meaning to see in this season too. The world, the plot and the characters… they are golden <3
  4. Dustin. Need i say more? His Purrs and  curls… This kid is super cute and funny.  I loved his little bromance with Steve, and the whole love triangle thing where he practically was getting jealous of Lucas. My heart goes out for you Dustin ..
    Dustin Henderson and his purr..and "pearls" | Stranger Things 2 | I LOVE THIS WITH ALL OF MY HEART
  5. There sure was a love triangle- ish between Jonathan , Nancy and Steve. In which i am with team Jonathan.. Although Steve is less of a jerk in this season. I absolutely adored the romance and cute moments Nancy had with Jonathan.. and can we like just a moment and embrace how adorable they look together.Stranger Things⚠️ | Jonathan & Nancy
  6.  However, I do like steve individually, if that makes sense. lol. I mean he really loves Nancy, and he helps little kids and looking at his character on this season. I kind of will be sad if he dies. So yeah..

6.  Of course Will  and Lucas .. can’t miss them out… I liked how lucas was trying to win over Max at the arcade, And Will’s Acting… you guys… <3 .. How his mother was being so protective towards him , and how we was really getting annoyed of being baby-sitted all the time.

7. Obviously Eleven and Mike.. … how adorable they are … and the whole puppy love going on between them…

millie bobby brown wallpapers | Tumblr

8. I liked how even though the whole theme is spooky and dark, the show still manages to have some light and cute moments. And some of them really did make me laugh out loud..

9. Music. The soundtrack of this season is just so addicting.  <3

Things I didn’t like that much:

  1.  I wasn’t really keen on knowing more about Kali and her friends. At some point i thought it would be nice if they would have contributed in saving Will, but that was really disappointing.
  2. I also wanted to see more of the cast together, which happened for a very short period of time. However, that does contribute to the story at the end, since each one played a major part in closing the door.
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