Poetry : Her Adventures.

Poetry: Her Adventures | Journal

Her mind keeps wandering to places.
Sometimes it’s the hills / Sometimes it’s the beach.
Sometimes it’s the fast moving clouds of the sky that amuse her/
and other times it’s the shells that still have the sound of ocean living inside.

Her mind keeps wandering to places.
Sometimes it’s the dark alley on a no moon night/
and sometimes she is running away/ Running away scared in search of a safe place.

Her mind keeps wandering to places.


I have always been that person who browses the internet for cool travel pictures. The free travel experience I get to have while I am stuck inside  a 4 feet cubicle. This poem is more than that though. I was obsessed with solo travelling, and I kind of managed to do that last year on my trip to Sri Lanka  which I am so happy about. My mind has always wandered to places, of course i know where home is and i don’t feel like I belong here. I guess i am at that phase of my life where i want to keep exploring every inch that i can, and i am pretty sure i sound like a millennial right now, but i believe i am in the pursuit of marking a place for myself, a place i can call my own, a place i can be myself without being judged.. a place that is safe. 

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