Poetry: My Favourite Flower

My Favourite Flower \ The Rose.
Not Anymore\ Although it was\
The Withered Petals in my journal/were reminders of the inheritance of my loss\
of broken promises and the heartbreak I endured\

While I was stuck in a cycle of moving on\
Constantly consoled\ The loss has been yours\
Sunflowers became my new favourite flower\
Embracing the light\yet mourning in silence when the darkness arrived\

The First Flower he ever gave me\
was a Wildflower\ picked it up for me\walking down the street\
He said\ ” Here, This is for you”\ and now they grow in the cracks of my heart\
It’s a beautiful garden in here\ full of wildflowers\ they teach me to appreciate my scars\

Wildflowers are my favourite\ Not because he gave them to me\ but because he made me one\
He made me rise again\ while you trampled me and walked away

– Monica Shastri

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