*Wakanda Forever* Marvel Meets Diversity! – Black Panther : Movie Review

I was super excited about watching Marvel Studio’s first release of the year – Black Panther.
Although with all the hype surrounding it and my high expectations, I wasn’t disappointed at all. In fact, I guess this was the perfect movie I chose to watch, for my Black History Month this year along with my Book Read for the Month being The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas
Black Panther is just stunning with the worldbuilding, culture and mythology, diversity and the effortless humour. It was a 5-star movie for me and I would love to share my thoughts on it or the reason why I really loved this movie so much.



Something that won’t go unnoticed, is the entire black cast of this movie. It’s the first time, where a black superhero has got such a grand stage in Marvel. And while T’challa is stunning and such a complex character, the supporting characters like Shuri, Jabari, Okoye, and Killmonger do an amazing job. I had no regrets rooting for the villain in this film. His motives were understandable and while both had noble intentions, their methods were different.
However, The men might be the real heroes in this movie; the women were a delight to see on screen too.. Especially Shuri with her cheeky fun side and Okoye with her physique and fighter attitude.



World Building



Culture and Diversity



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Are you going to watch the movie?
If you did, how did you like the movie?






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