Add a Dash of Greenery to your Interiors: 5 Houseplants that are Hard to Kill

 Beginner at growing indoor plants, and worried you might fail?

Here are some of the “hard to kill” houseplants you could grow indoors and spruce up your space with greenery.


Known for improving air quality and providing oxygen at night, this beautiful yellow bordered leaf plant is best suited for bedrooms and living rooms.The Snake plant can survive in humid conditions and requires minimal light to grow.

Care: Water this plant every alternate day, while giving it adequate indirect sunlight.

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Usually known for giving good luck and prosperity can grow really well in low – light and humid conditions. It is recommended for
the Bedroom, Living Room and the Toilets as well.  One can hang it in pots in the balcony, or pot it in a wine bottle keeping the stems in water.

If planted in water, spray the leaves with water, once a week.If planted in soil, water the plant twice a week.Remember, if the leaves start to turn yellow it needs more indirect sunlight.

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Known for bringing good luck and fortune according to feng shui, it also purifies the air, thus improving the air quality to a greater extent.Recommended for Bedrooms and Livings they also add up to a lovely decor piece for your work desk.

Indirect Sunlight works best.To be watered only with distilled or boiled water.



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Being the most famous succulent type, Aloe Vera is known for its beauty benefits. Although it looks beautiful on your balcony, I would prefer the kitchen window for this beauty, since it does work as a medicinal plant that does wonders for your skin and health overall.

It needs bright light and not direct sunlight.It doesn’t need a lot of watering, although the soil should be kept moist.Keep a mental note – for not watering it too much, and allow the water to be drenched.


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Best for removing indoor toxins, this plant having evergreen leaves and thick irregular
stems is an ornamental houseplant. It needs very less water and overwatering it would, in fact, lead to rotting. I would prefer having it on your front porch or near a window with good sunlight.

Care: Bright indirect sunlight.
Over-watering can kill these plants, keep the soil moist but don’t waterlog it.

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