11 Commercial Interiors Around the World In Cheerful Yellow

Passion Flower (X107) is Asian Paint’s Colour of the Year 2018, which is a shade of yellow. I have been rambling about why I love this color so much on a post I made recently and I really wanted to take it forward and show you twelve commercial spaces in yellow that are designed around the world. Some of them are designed with yellow as their main color, while some spaces have yellow used in contrasting or complimenting color palettes. I love how color is interlinked with the branding of a company or a cafe which really binds the whole concept together and helps build a color-coded visual experience for the customer and also the people working there.

Yellow as a colour is known for its ability to make you cheerful since its associated with happiness, joy, intellect, and energy. I really can’t think of any better color than Yellow to be used in commercial spaces where you need to stimulate mental activity while creating a  pleasant and energized atmosphere.

1. Churro Bunny | South Korea

Churro Bunny, situated in South Korea and designed by M4 is a takeaway cafe that sells churros, coffee, waffle and ice cream. The bright yellow is such an attention getter in the busy street and definitely stands out.

Churro Bunny in South Korea, designed by m4

Churro Bunny in South Korea, designed by m4

2.  HI- POP Tea House | Foshan, China

Located in China, HI- POP is located in the old city that inspired the concept of nostalgia into the interiors. This cafe is designed by Construction Union with pops of yellow that compliment the otherwise neutral color palette. The floor and walls consist of block tiles with the encaustic effect and funny sketches, reminiscent of those that each of us painted in notebooks in boring school lessons while the ceiling is decorated with thin tubes in a chaotic order.


3.  Klique Desk | Bangkok, Thailand

Klique Desk is a co-working space in Thailand, designed by Soda Designs. Situated in one of the older building in Bangkok’s business center, the worn out exterior was transformed into geometric wall murals and a contrasting color that stands out. The yellow flooring throughout is such a bold statement and brings in the brightness of its interiors.


coworking space coworking space

coworking space

4. Emre Group | Istanbul, Turkey.

Emre Group, in Istanbul, was designed by Renda Helin Design & Interiors.  The design concept is highly inspired by a construction premise and the Lego Movie. The indispensable elements of the construction atmosphere were revealed by the use of materials such as gross concrete, epoxy, brick, iron profile and mesh metal.


5. Epoca | Paris, France

Epoca, an Art – Deco themed restaurant in Paris is designed by Emilie Bonaventure. The ceiling is color blocked in ochre yellow, enhanced by the black and white of the floor and the striped wallpaper on the walls.

Ресторан в стиле ар-деко в Париже

EPOCA: an ART DÉCO Italian restaurant in the heart of Paris EPOCA: an ART DÉCO Italian restaurant in the heart of Paris

6. Honey | Podol, Ukraine

Honey is designed by Casa d’Elle and is located in Ukraine. The honey-toned interiors along with candy decor. I loved the yellow dripping from the ceilings which also go well with the theme of the cafe.  Ventilation pipes as a topical element are exposed to the ceiling outside and painted in the same bright yellow.


Honey Honey

7. MAT Office | Beijing, China

MAT Office is a coworking space in Beijing. I absolutely love the combination of yellow and blue here on the flooring that flows into different spaces creating a sense of continuity and direction. The stairway leads to the underground level and is painted in bright yellow, providing strong visual guidance.

MAT office creates flexible coworking space in beijing


mat office coworking mat office coworking


mat office coworking

8. Hugg | Melbourne, Australia.

Situated in Melbourne, this retail space is designed by Tandem Design Studio that sells both footwear and health products, featuring a complex wooden shelving system that “combines geometries”. These shelves that are constructed from hoop pine plywood are used to display the products are supported with planks of laminated veneer lumber. The yellow color on these frames is subtle yet brings in a fun element into the otherwise neutral color scheme.

Hugg store by Tandem Studio

Hugg store by Tandem Studio Hugg store by Tandem Studio

Hugg store by Tandem Studio

9. SymFit | California, USA

Symfit, is a fitness center in the campus of software company Symantec. While the walls are done up with vinyl prints in yellow, the main corridor has stenciled numbers in yellow on its concrete floor.

10. Ham on Wheels | Barcelona, Spain

A fast-food restaurant in Spain, designed by External Reference has lovely yellow signage running on its flooring, that compliments the culture of bicycles with Iberian ham. The use of bold and bright yellow sure does make this space fun and stand out among all other establishments.




11. Nick’s Pizza | Rio, Brazil

Nick’s Pizza, is located in Brazil and is designed by Loko Designs. Even though the interior has such significant details, like the sophisticated black brick wall, pizza-shaped lightings and different sizes of alphabets for the work pizza as a wall art. The designers have added a pop of yellow in the ceiling and chairs which really make the place a fun space at the same time.





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